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Overdue Post

There has been rain today, but tomorrow looks to be a much better day for senior pictures.

Book before July 31st….Session Sale

Do your session before July 31 and reduce any advance to $200. Call today. Check out www.mark-oehler.com/seniors.html for all the session details.

Kellsey, Leaning Back

Kellsey wanted some cool images taken with her mom’s really nice car. I thought this one really shows a fun, modelesque side to Kellsey. She really liked how it showed off her and the car.

Horsing Around

I was excited when I found out Kellsey had a horse we could include in a session. I brought some carrots and in no time, the horse was eating from the palm of my hand. I think the horse and I are pretty good friends. I really love this image of Kellsey and her horse;
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Senior Session High Praise from Josh

I photographed Josh (Class of 2013) earlier this fall. After getting his images back, I got a very unexpected text message from him. I asked if I could share it, and he said, “Yes”. Thanks for making my senior picture process nice and easy! I’m not one for taking pictures very often, but you were
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Dedicated to Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Eastern Iowa High School Seniors

This site is an extension of my general photography site. It focus exclusively on high school senior photography. There will be articles about what to wear, how to look your best and highlight some images from senior sessions that I think deserve highlighting. Feel free to join in the conversation, share the links and otherwise
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